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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Against All Reason

Ok so I admit it, I don't like blogs.
But since I was afraid of losing SBS-Rocks on this site like I lost HandyAndy I decided to grab it before it was too late.

If you know me you know I run with how to articles on SBS and CRM that don't require payment or signin to read. It started as a handy way to leave notes for myself. I may use this for the same function as it does not require frontpage like my website does, so I can post from anywhere.

I hold Susan Bradley & Anne Stanton personally responsilble for brow beating me into submission about blogs.

And I blame Ken Edwards for me being at this site, as I came here to read his posting.

So it remains to be seen if I remember to come back here and post stuff or if I will forget about it as I seem to do with my MSN site


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