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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Best Kept Secret in SBS Land

Back in April one of my favorite presenters was made an MVP for SBS and no one ever heard about it. Turns out MS had an obsolete address for him so not even he knew, the announcement message went to the proverbial bit bucket. Well due to the keen eye of the SBS Diva herself all has been rectified, so please help me welcome Chris Rue check out his own announcement at


Monday, June 25, 2007

Community Vlad Points the Way

OK I admit it, I still forget to come add stuff here.
The other day Vlad wrote a really thought provoking piece called and I blasted it out across the lists, but forgot to post it here also.

Since then he has gotten a lot of responses saying what can I do, so he once again wrote a great articled called About the only thing I take exception to in the article is how he sluff's off folks with stage fright or what ever you want to call it. I personally do quite a bit for the community, but am just unable to get up on stage and present or profess or what ever you want to call it. To me it is a real stumbling block. So don't let his comments discourage you, take it from me, there are still many things you can do to contribute without hopping up on the stage.

Don't just go to the meetings to be entertained, offer up some content. Provide feedback, I run a group of about 70 folks (on our list anyways) about 2 dozen of whom show up regularly. Yet if I send out any message to the group that requires a response, I can count on 4 for sure and maybe 2 or 3 others that's it. Yet if you ask the majority of them they will tell you they are active in the community. Take a look at how you respond. When you go to a TS2 or TechNet event do you make your presence know to the presenter? Do you mention your group, they will be happy put in a plug for it. Do you offer help? It doesn't cost a thing, but it does help our community. Become one of the folks that answers more questions than you ask. It doesn't matter, answer the easy ones and ask the hard ones, just start to contribute.

I am not going to relist everything he posted, it was a great list. But just keep in mind what he said was not the gospel on how it has to be done, it was meant to get you thinking about what you could do. There are no set rules it is a freely developing community, so just jump in and join the fun.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Shadow Protect Enable Lan Communications

New Article on my website
Shadow Protect Enable Lan Communications
a.k.a. How to create an XP Firewall Exception GPO in SBS

So as you may know I have been working with imaging products and have pretty much settled on Storage Craft's products.Well I hit a road block the other day trying to control the desktopversions of Shadow Protect from the Shadow Protect Server Console.

This article explains how to allow these communications as well as being a good intro to the XP Firewall GPO.


Updated 6/22/2007 Thankx to Bob Haley who just wrote and sent me an ADM Template for Shadow Protect, I have updated the article on my site with the new instructions Shadow Protect Enable Lan Communications

Friday, June 01, 2007

Hotfixes get easier to access, I get egg on my face

So I called in again today for my second private hotfix and the after I got to the third guy (he was a developer engineer) he said, did you read the KB? I said of course I did, that is why I am calling. He said you probably didn't notice, but that KB is part of a new trial and the line you expected to say call in for the hotfix actually was a link to the hotfix on the connect site. It is still not a full public supported hotfix, but it is sure easier to get. Know that I know to look for it, I sure like this new program. And now that you know where to look you won't end up with egg on your face, like I did.

If you look at the screenshot below the key line to look for when you read a KB is the line I have in red. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go take a shower to wash the egg off my face.

WSS 3.0 minor snag on SBS

Today I decided to have a go at installing WSS 3.0 as I need to roll it out to a client site this weekend. You can download it from if you want a copy.

I am following the great paper the SBS Team supplied describing the side by side install process required for SBS which you can get at

I went along with the directions and it installed just fine, but after the install it tries to run the configuration wizard and gets stuck on step 2 setting up the configuration database. Thinking maybe I hadn't had enough coffee yet and missed a step, I uninstalled it and tried again, some thing same spot.

Having learned from the SBS Diva herself (thanks Susan) I dumped the error message into google and found a thread in the MS public newsgroup with the exact same problem and a response from a css guy (thankx Terence Liu) saying call in for a hotfix KB934790

Well after appling that hotfix the configuration wizard completed just fine.

If you need a hot fix in the US call 1-800-936-3500 if you are ouside the US you can get the correct number to call from

Remember when calling in, click your heals 3 times and repeat "There is no place like my SBS Community"

Gotta go play with my cool new SharePoint site now, c ya later,